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Ascent Alaska is a Christian faith community that meets through outdoor activities, explores spirituality, and actively works for a better world.

Day Break

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A 30-minute spiritual lift to start your day; a reading, discussion and exploration of spiritual practices from across faith traditions. Join us!

Returning soon to new location!

GPS Gatherings
Grow | Play | Serve

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Learn more here, on our Facebook, through the e-news or on MeetUp

Gather for a service project, or discussions on spiritual growth, or go on a hike, or join together to serve the community. There are many opportunities to connect - and we look forward to seeing you!
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Ascent Events
Some of your most profound faith experiences may happen when you are enjoying the beauty of Alaska. Join others on Ascent Events to play and explore together in all seasons.
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Explore Faith
On the trail, in a discussion group, an online study or just as we get together - there are lots of ways for you to learn and grow your spiritual life.
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Serve Together
We can't spend all our time playing on the Kenai, so gather with others back at home. Help work together to help make our world a better place for all through volunteerism and advocacy.
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Want To Check It Out?

Connect with Ascent Alaska the way you feel comfortable.
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Let's Go!
Check the Ascent Events calendar for times and locations; follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Events happen regularly with listed meet-up times and locations. No need to RSVP for most of our events - just show up.
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The GPS e-Newsletter has information about upcoming Ascent Events and service opportunities, discussion and study groups, and spiritual resources and reflections on the Guideposts.